For the Life of Business

Weidmann Management Consulting is an internationally engaged consulting firm that specializes in the fields of strategic management, leadership development and change management.

Through our Advanced Business Innovation System ABISYS, which is a carefully designed set of managerial tools and processes, we
• undertake strategy checks and advise on strategic improvements
• align management systems to strategic needs
• install sustainable, continuous innovation and change processes
• reorganize business operations
• support organizational and cultural improvements within mergers
• implement and run quality management systems
• enhance knowledge management
• boost costumer orientation and relation.

For undertaking improvement initiatives effectively we consider strong leadership and professional handling of business complexity as key to success. Wherever it is useful we provide comprehensive leadership development on all levels.

In accordance with clients' needs, Weidmann Management Consulting not only gives support but is also willing to oversee improvement processes in the role of temporary management.

Weidmann Management Consulting has been assigned by companies for single programs or for long term processes. Most customers have asked Weidmann Management Consulting to work with them for more than five years.

Weidmann Management Consulting